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Authors: Nicole Kucewicz

No matter what time of year or where a wedding will take place it’s always imperative to have some kind of floral or plant arrangement to compliment the decor. Some people choose to have a certain color scheme, while others choose a theme wedding.

In Colorado and the Wyoming area it’s popular to have more of a western theme or a casual country setting with wildflowers. However, there are people that choose to have a tropical or Hawaiian theme.

“Many people here are opposed to a theme and instead end up choosing to have a lot of color in a certain color scheme,” said Loni Snell, a designer for Fort Collins Floral.

Time of day for a wedding is important in determining whether it will be a casual wedding or a more formal one. Normally, if it is during the day the wedding will be of a more casual setting with more pastel and light colors. If it is at night then it will be more formal with a lot of deep colors to accentuate the dresses and tuxedos of those in the wedding.

“We try to work around the colors of the dresses and of what colors the bride and groom are using,” said Carol Tenuta, wedding consultant of Palmers Flowers.

The season is important as well. If the wedding is in winter around Christmas some people have a Christmas theme. Poinsettias are a perfect seasonal choice as the main plant. Also, for Christmas, gold, red and green decorations accent the wedding cake.

Those who get married in late summer or early fall and might choose a western theme. The spring is a popular time for pastels.

The location of the wedding is extremely important for determining colors and flower styles. For example, if the wedding is going to be outdoors in the mountains then more of a country setting with wild flowers is a more popular scheme. Some people try to have more earthy tones if they are getting married in a lodge or at a cabin.

If the ceremony going to be on the beach or in a tropical place exotic flowers can be a perfect accent.

Of course it’s up to the wedding party what they want and don’t want even if it might not match fully to the atmosphere.

Many florists can order any kind of flower at any time of the year which gives people more options as far as what they want to get and when.

“A few weeks ago we had a wedding that had a lot of western, country type people, but the bride wanted a tropical theme so it just depends upon what you want in your wedding,” Tenuta said.

Flowers and plants aren’t the only things that can be used to create a distinguished theme wedding. Often times people use props to accentuate their wedding theme.

“Sometimes in the western type weddings the groom will wear a cowboy hat and the bride might wear a riding hat with a veil attached,” Snell said.

People can use cactus for their centerpieces or floating candles arrangements with flower petals inside. Also, some florists might create centerpieces with bandanas to make more of a western environment.

Many florists offer the option of renting equipment such as archways, gazebos, aisle runners and trumpet bud vases that can all be decorated with any kinds of flowers to make an even more distinguished theme wedding.

Carriages are sometimes used in weddings and florists are able to decorate them with garlands and make flower wreaths for the horses.

“The most popular style for Colorado wedding is a casual presentation with more formal flowers such as roses and lilies,” Tenuta said. “Also, weddings in the mountains with natural, mountainous flowers.” AY

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