Apr 222002

Hooray for the First Amendment.

You may or may not agree with the pro-life stance taken by the large display on the Lory Student Center Plaza Monday, but chances are if you saw the display you probably thought about where you stand on the issue.

Yes, some people may have found the “Justice For All” exhibit offensive or gruesome. Yes, some people may have found it a good use of space. Whether you like the display or not, it is the group’s First Amendment right to be in the plaza and voice its opinion.

The First Amendment is part of what makes this country unique. As long as the group does not cause harm to someone else, they have a right to voice their opinion. They also stayed on the plaza, which is CSU’s designated free speech zone. If you disagree with the display, it is your right to voice your opinion, as long as you don’t hurt anyone.

The people with the display conducted themselves in a professional manner; so did the people holding the sign near the display in opposition of it.

It was nice to see students conducting themselves in a respectful manner and engaging in a debate with one another. The display opened the channels of discussion, or at the very least, made you think about where you stand on the issue.

We encourage students to continue treating each other in a responsible way. The display will be on the plaza through Thursday.

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