Apr 182002

At Wednesday’s Associated Students of CSU meeting, the senate finalized approval of a constitutional amendment that would allow for the Association for Student Activity Programming to become a part of ASCSU. This was done to ensure that ASAP could continue to operate outside of the bylaws, rules and restrictions that other student groups must abide by. The argument from ASCSU is essentially that ASAP is a special group with a large mission that needs special circumstances to operate. The senate for the most part agreed with that argument, and now ASAP and ASCSU are one and the same.

ASCSU better be very careful over the next year.

The association told the students that they’ll receive much in the way of benefits and exciting programming from this merger. They have promised that funds would be managed very carefully to ensure that no student fee dollars were wasted or misused.

They better deliver.

This campus deserves to see that this exception was absolutely necessary and that it will provide value for the average student. IF all that happens as a result of this merger is that a few more folks get to vote at ASCSU meetings, then what have you accomplished?

Furthermore, if the next year of programming is a bust, then we all will question the wisdom of this decision.

A/Hopefully, this warning is already firmly in the minds of those who voted for and actively supported this merger. ASAP, you now represent the student body more directly than ever before. Don’t blow it.

ASCSU, if this merger doesn’t work out for the best interests of all students, then we expect to see those same senators working to dissolve it come next April.

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