Apr 172002
Authors: Rachel Spannuth

The Eyeliners are an up-and-coming all-female punk rock group consisting of three sisters from New Mexico who have been playing together since 1996. Laura, Gel and Lisa began playing when Gel and Lisa picked up guitars and began playing together. Laura joined as the singer a little while later.

Gel became the lead guitarist and contributed to backing vocals while Lisa stepped up to become the band’s bassist. Laura became the drummer as well as singer when the sisters were unable to find a decent drummer. They began practicing and had their first gig a month later.

They released an EP on their own label, PKR (Peachy Keen Records) entitled “Vivid” under the name Psychodrama, but soon after changed their name to The Eyeliners. They then released “Here Comes Trouble” in 2000 and “Sealed With a Kiss” in 2001.

The girls had a difficult time getting to play with national acts in their hometown of Albuquerque. The venue owners would let them play their own local shows, but would only book them to open for female national bands.

“It’s like what Lita Ford said: ‘A woman in rock has to work twice as hard for half the credit,'” Lisa said in an interview with KCSU.

The band reached a new level of accomplishment when Gel was recently featured in an article in Alternative Press. The entire magazine was a special on guitarists, and Gel was one of four musicians featured, the only female. The article was a sign the band has reached a level of respect in the punk industry.

The Eyeliners were noticed when they were picked up by punk label Lookout! Records after opening for the Red Aunts. They have since opened for bands like The Donnas, American Steel and The Mr. T Experience and joined The Vans Warped Tour for four dates last summer.

They just finished their first national headlining tour, ending in Denver April 10. They are currently taking a small break and joining with the Vans Warped Tour for the entire summer.

The band is devoted to its unique conglomeration of sounds from 50s rock ‘n’ roll, late 70s punk rock and New Wave, and are constantly striving to mature their sound. They also focus on the fun party atmosphere of their live shows. Laura said the only way to survive touring was to have fun with it.

The Eyeliners are devoted to the Do It Yourself (DIY) ethic punk music brings. The DIY ethic allows just about anyone to pursue a music career.

“We did it all on our own. It was all based on the punk ethic. If it hadn’t been there, we would have probably been afraid to leave our garage. You can look up to other bands that have done it and follow in their footsteps,” Lisa said.

The girls are currently writing songs for their next album while on the road and plan to go into the studio once finished with their summer touring. Expect a new album out in March of 2003. n

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