Apr 172002

As the end draws near, I would like to thank the little people for their contributions in the last four years.

In my experiences here at CSU, I have met some of the greatest people in the world. They are those who have challenged me, taught me and made me who I am today. The funny thing is, they are ordinary people. They are the teaching assistants who made a subject more approachable when a professor would not. They are the custodial workers who will share a smile when given the chance. They are the student staff who understand where I am coming from when asking a silly question at the Information Desk. They are the people in our everyday lives that make CSU a great place to be.

So why is it just the little people I will remember?

When I am applauding individuals for their work, I must also realize there are others who do not make my appreciation list. These are the individuals and administrators we are supposed to look up to as representatives, but fail to when their absence is the norm. More often, their lack of interest in student life leads to a lack of practical leadership and an apathetic opinion of their work. Their decisions become a caricature and are irrelevant in our immediate lives. Sometimes, we see them drive by in their black Lincoln or witness them at a campus-wide address. They are just faces to us. Faces that are meaningless in our everyday lives.

Unfortunately for them, their lives are filled with political moves and boards that control them. Politics and economics are a driving force and “political correctness” their transportation. Unfortunately, these administrations are the deciding factors that choose which extraordinary people will stay and which will be forced to resign.

Ask yourself this: where are these administrators when you earned your first “A”? Where are these administrators when you need a shoulder to cry on? Where are these administrators when a class of students has a breakthrough on understanding life? Where are they when you have a concern to express?

Where are they when it is time to pay your tuition bill?

With this in mind, I will always remember the little people. It will be my work-study bosses who showed me all I can achieve. It will be the friendly custodial worker who made my day with a friendly smile. It will be the student clerks who gave excellent customer service. It will be my advisor who meets me for coffee to talk about life. It will be the little people who define my experience at CSU. Those will be who I will support as an alum.

What makes a person extraordinary is not what they individually stand for but rather why they are standing in the first place. It has been an exciting and intriguing to find out why people are here and asking: what are your motivations?

I challenge CSU to make more extraordinary people. Find people who make a difference, not just appearances. It is these people we will remember and want to recognize in the end. Thank you, little people, wherever you are. You made my CSU experience worth it, and I will never forget you.

Ben Sintas is a Senior in Speech Communication. He will be gone in a few weeks on an extended vacation. Send your comments to arthur.sintas@colostate.edu

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