CU cheers the rich

Apr 162002

The rich get drunker and the poor – or moderately rich – stay sober.

This will be the case at the University of Colorado’s Folsom Field next fall.

Fans in the stadium’s brand new $50,000-a-year luxury boxes will be able to buy alcohol while the rest of the stadium will remain dry, as it has been since 1996. Fans who sit in club seats, which cost $2,150 a season, will be able to drink inside the stadium’s clubhouse, but not in the stands.

As many CSU fans will remember, this same scenario was played out during the CSU-CU game at Invesco Field at Mile High in Denver last year. Alcohol was prohibited throughout the stadium except for in the luxury boxes, apparently implying that the rich handle their liquor better than average fan or college student.

While initially this seems like a case of blatant discrimination against students and other non-luxury level football fans, it is actually a microcosm of the corporate takeover of professional sports trickling down to the college level. The bottom line is that these luxury suites bring in money, feed the programs and keep them competitive with other schools – not only making the programs happy, but the sober fans satisfied as well.

Sure it’s disappointing to witness such a blatant display of economic discrimination, but it’s been happening all over the country for years, and should come as no surprise. In fact, CSU is only one of a handful of Division I schools that sells alcohol at football games.

Like any unjust rule, it is important to remember the resourcefulness the less fortunate must adopt in situations like these. CU fans who really can’t enjoy a football game – and who can blame Buffs fans – without consuming alcohol have many options besides purchasing a warm $5 beer. Small containers of alcohol can usually be snuck past security guards, leaving only the purchase of a soft drink to seal the deal.

Leave it to the rich to pay $8 for a watered-down cocktail.

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