Apr 112002

I’ve got a bone to pick.

I have a bone to pick with everyone out there who keeps saying that students here at Colorado State are apathetic and selfish.

I’m sick and tired of the argument that students just don’t care-I think they do.

I’m tired of hearing individuals and organizations complain that CSU students are apathetic just because they show little interest in a specific cause.

You see, I think when we make comments about what college students care about, it is important to look at the broader scale.

CSU is a place that constantly preaches the value of diversity-Diversity of thought, race, religion, culture and background. The university is supposed to be a place of enlightenment and the sharing of ideas, a place where students may broaden their horizons.

To this end, CSU has a plethora of activities that a student can become involved in. With over 300 clubs and student organizations, it is easy for a CSU student to find a “niche” on campus.

We have a student-written and published newspaper, a student-run campus programming office (ASAP), a student government (ASCSU), numerous fraternities and sororities, club sports, student professional organizations-the list goes on. (And on, and on.)

My contention is that students come here to CSU not with the intention of pursuing only an education. My gut feeling after four years here at CSU is that students come to college (whether they realize it or not) to find out more about what they want to do and who they are.

To that end, students participate in those activities that interest them. Many students participate to the level that they push themselves beyond the boundaries of a normal work week, making working forty hour weeks seem like a vacation and a bore.

My contention is that CSU students do care about the world around them. It’s just that the student body as a whole is diverse and they don’t collectively care about the same things.

In order to prove my point (and prove that I am right; I like to be right), I am instituting the first ever Collegian Apathy survey.

I have arranged an opportunity for any CSU student to contribute to a good cause and get something back for themself in the process. Something to remember their CSU experience by. All it requires is a little of your time.

The following is a list of a few questions I am curious about the answers to. For those who e-mail me, I will compile the results and share them with the student body in a future column. I will also send you more information about the opportunity I have lined up for you.

Answer as few or as many of the questions as you would like, but send the answers to swilk@holly.colostate.edu. Here are the questions.

1. Why did you come to CSU?

2. While at CSU have you participated in extracurricular activities of any kind? (Partying is not an extracurricular activity.)

3. Do you know the fight song?

4. What do you do besides attend school?

5. Will you graduate on the four, five or six-year plan?

6. Have you changed as a person in your time here at CSU?

Scott Wilkinson is a senior majoring in civil engineering.

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