Apr 112002

I’m an optimist.

I guess it can also be called being a fan, but I prefer to say I find the good in things.

That being said, here are some of my optimistic predictions.

The Denver Broncos will be back in the Super Bowl.

Re-signing Shannon Sharpe, which will happen today, is quite possibly the best thing this team could do. After a slew of injuries following King Elway’s departure, the Broncos have made the playoffs only one year since. That appearance was a first-round loss to the eventual Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens, on which Sharpe was playing at the time. In that game, Sharpe caught a deflected pass and galloped 80 yards for a touchdown, all the room that vaunted Ravens defense needed to secure a win.

But now he’s back on our side. And he gives the Broncos that long lost third receiver they’ve been searching for since he left. When on the field, Sharpe can essentially give the Broncos three receivers and three tight ends at the same time. As big as a tight end, he catches like a receiver.

Put a linebacker on Sharpe and he’ll run right past him. Put a safety on Sharpe and he’ll run right through him. But you have to put someone on him, and that opens up the two best receivers in the league, Rod Smith and Ed McCafferey.

Most of all, though, Sharpe’s attitude is what’ll help this team. He’s not afraid to speak his mind and I guarantee you this, he’ll be lashing out at quarterback Brian Greise. Greise’s got the cockiness of a Hall of Famer, yet he’s only been selected to the Pro Bowl once. Sharpe will bring Greise back down to Earth, let him know he is to blame some of the time, and that he’ll never fully replace Elway.

The Colorado Avalanche will defend their Stanley Cup title.

They’re in the playoffs. That’s all that matters. Now goalie Patrick Roy takes over. He gets better as he gets older, and he gets stronger as the season goes longer.

Sure it would help if the Avalanche could beat out San Jose for the No. 2 seed in the Western Conference (meaning the first possibility of facing this all-star team called the Detroit Red Wings wouldn’t come until the conference finals, opposed to the conference semis), but Roy is the best postseason netminder to ever play the game.

The CSU football team could be next year’s version of BYU.

Before Brigham Young lost its regular season finale to Hawaii, thus ruining a perfect season, the Cougars were set to file a lawsuit against the Bowl Championship Series for not allowing them in a BCS bowl. But if CSU is unbeaten at that point in next season, the Rams have a better case /_” they’ll have a tougher of schedule.

If CSU goes 4-0 to start the season, it’ll be in the top 10. It has to because that would include wins over Virginia on the road, Colorado in Denver, UCLA on the road and Louisville at home. Should that happen, I don’t see them losing to any Mountain West teams.

Last year CSU lost to CU largely because the Buffs played a game before the Rams (and they were a national championship-caliber team no one knew about yet). This year, CSU plays Virginia before the Rocky Mountain Showdown.

Last year, CSU didn’t decide on a quarterback until game four. This year, the Rams already know who’s starting and what he brings to the table.

Why the Rockies and Nuggets will make the playoffs.

Wait. Never mind.

I said I was an optimist.

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