Who let the crap out?

Apr 102002
Authors: Rachel Spannuth

Dear Lord, not again.

The Baha Men have come back with their sophomore release, “Move it Like This.”

It has the same catchy, yet easily annoying beats and vocals, evident right off the bat with what is probably the album’s first single, the title track. The bouncy call-and-response vocals are likely to be overplayed everywhere.

The album lacks any intelligence in the lyrics. For example, the song “Coconut” is about a stomachache.

There is a painful mixture of sounds in the album. There are vocalists trying to develop reggae beats and electronic beats in each song.

The group is comprised of vocalists Omerit Hield, Marvin Prosper and Rick Carey; guitarist/music director/singer Herschel Small; Anthony Flowers and Colyn Grant as the group’s percussionists and backup singers; Jeffery Chea on keyboards and vocals; Patrick Carey on guitar and vocals; and Isaiah Taylor as the bassist, group leader and singer.

They might have tried to find a serious side with “I Thank Heaven,” but likely tried to format a song structured on the fading popularity of the boy bands.

The band formed in the early 80s, leaving many to question how their sound has not yet developed into something more mature.

The group put their only other single released prior to the album, “Best Years of Our Lives,” from the movie “Shrek” (2001) on the album as well. It is amazing how the song fits when there were animated creatures dancing on screen, yet feels very out of place on its own.

The rest of the album is predictable and on the same level of annoyance and confusing sounds. Don’t buy the album. The only songs people may like will be overplayed very shortly on hip-hop radio stations nationwide, MTV and a local dance club near you. n

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