Raitt exhibits innovation

Apr 102002
Authors: Rachel Spannuth

The combination of honky-tonk guitar and strong southern vocals make Bonnie Raitt’s sixteenth album, released on Capital Records, unmistakably familiar.

After 30 years of making music, Raitt has collaborated with other songwriters to give her album more of a mainstream sound. Among them are Tommy Sims, Gordon Kennedy and Wayne Kirkpatrick, who co-wrote Eric Clapton’s “Change the World,” with their songs “Time of Our Lives” and “I Can’t Help You Now.”

Eight-time Grammy-winner Raitt is joined on the album by the band she has toured with for years, giving the entire work a sense of unity and a tight flow.

The musical growth of Raitt gives the album more of an adult contemporary feel than that of the country genre. There is also evidence of blues influences in her songs “Hear Me Lord” and “Monkey Business.”

“I Can’t Help You Now” and “Wherever You May Be” are beautiful ballads that showcase Raitt’s heritage. She is the daughter of Broadway singer John Raitt and singer/pianist Marge Goddard.

Traditional country fans need not worry. Songs like “Time of Our Lives” and “Gnawin’ On It” have the twang and beat Raitt’s fans expect.

Raitt is scheduled to come to Red Rocks in June. Her incredible talent on the slide guitar will likely impress the fans who come out to see her.

While this album may not have a sound for everyone, Raitt’s fans, along with people who enjoy the fusion of adult contemporary and country, will most likely enjoy “Silver Lining.” Considering her past achievements, this album is likely to climb charts spanning several genres and may even give her another Grammy nomination. n

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