Apr 092002

At tonight’s Associated Students of CSU senate meeting, the senate may be voting on a constitutional amendment that will incorporate the Association for Student Activity Programming into ASCSU, allowing the group exemptions from current ASCSU funding bylaws.

Supporters claim that such integration is consistent with other universities’ programming groups. They also claim that such a change will allow ASAP to operate in a manner that will allow for more successful programming on campus.

Opponents counter with several questions: Why the exception for this one student group? Why can’t ASAP plan a budget and present to the Student Funding Board like other student groups? Why give ASCSU more direct power?

These are very good questions. However, for the time being, we here at the Collegian support the constitutional amendment.


As you’ve no doubt guessed, we’re very hesitant here. We understand the need for the amendment, but we would still like some very solid answers to the questions raised by opponents. Also, we’re not completely convinced that the oversight that is currently in place is sufficient to ensure that student money will not be wasted.

We also understand the intense deadline pressure the senate must be feeling, knowing that they have to decide on a solution by the end of the semester to ensure ASAP’s survival in anything like its current form. There is a need for speed, but also a need for intense debate on the pros and cons of this constitutional amendment.

For now, we’re saying yes to this legislation. But we also reserve the right to demand a return to the current system if the problems raised herein do not seem to be adequately addressed, both in theory and actual practice.

More than anything, we encourage students to pay close attention to this change, and to weigh the benefits and the drawbacks for themselves.

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