Apr 082002

This week is T’BGLAD and Greek week, and this month is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Last week was Green and Gold Days, and Natural Resources Day and Liberal Arts Day were both on the plaza at the same time. Over the weekend was the Native American Student Services Pow Wow, and next week is Holocaust Awareness Week.

Is it us, or is that a heck of a lot of events to go to in a short amount of time?

We’re afraid that with all of these events going on at the same time, it’s limiting people from being able to attend and also possibly diluting the message of these groups. The purpose of awareness days is to bring issues to light that might not be thought of other times in the year, but with so many events on different issues, it may be hard for any issue to be emphasized.

Obviously, April is an ideal month for events, and some groups always have their events at the same time every year. But because of all of these things are happening at the same time, there will probably be lower attendance and participation as a result.

Awareness days are a good time to understand what’s going on in the world. We encourage students to go to events that they’re interested in and keep posted about what’s happening on campus. With all these events going on, you have some choosing to do.

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