Apr 072002

Friday afternoon, the LSC Plaza didn’t experience its usual calmness preceding the weekend. Instead, students and members of the Muslim community held up signs and passed out flyers begging for a peaceful solution to the conflict in Palestine.

This was not the first time demonstrators have voiced their concerns over relations between Israel and Palestine on the Plaza. The conflict has escalated dramatically in recent weeks, but protestors have tried to raise awareness on previous occasions.

With the events of Sept. 11, terrorism has hit close to home and raised awareness of other international events. The United States has asked for support in fighting terrorism, and other nations are asking for the same help. Palestinians want Israel to respect a United Nations resolution ordering them to pull out of Palestinian cities as soon as possible. Israelis want extremist groups to stop violent measures, including suicide bombings.

Both the Israelis and the Palestinians have legitimate reasons for their actions, and the solution to the conflict is far from easy.

The Collegian isn’t supporting one side or the other, but we encourage the public to increase their awareness of the situation. Read literature that covers the conflict from both sides. Form your own opinion by approaching the information with an open mind.

Ignorance and lack of communication are often major factors in conflicts. By increasing our awareness, we may help to avoid conflicts in the future.

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