Apr 042002

The celebration is over.

We now know who our new Associated Students of CSU leaders are, and that information couldn’t hit the campus at a better time. At the same meeting in which the election results were announced, the ASCSU senate introduced legislation that would add a new branch to the student government. This branch is the Association for Student Activity Programming.

That’s a huge deal.

If approved, the ASCSU budget would skyrocket to entirely new levels. The fate of programming on this campus may well be at stake. We’re still evaluating how we feel about the merger /_” stay tuned, folks /_” but we can tell you this: every student leader on campus should be paying attention to this issue.

The merger will be the big item of discussion at today’s ASCSU Internal Affairs Committee meeting at 2 p.m. in the ASCSU Senate Chambers. All senators, both those of the current senate as well as next year’s, should be at that meeting. WE need for that conversation to include as many people as possible.

At Wednesday’s senate meeting, many senators had questions about this legislation. The committee meeting is the place for those questions to be answered.

New student leaders – you should begin preparing for your positions by getting into this conversation. The outcome of this decision will have huge implications for programming on campus. Many of you have already been a part of this debate – but all of you should be involved now.

It was pleasant to see so much time spent by the senate on this issue on Wednesday, but there is still much to discuss and work out. We hope that many will be in attendance.

Students, whether you’re holding office or not, you should be at this meeting, too. There are your student fee dollars at stake. If you’ve ever been waiting for just the right time to begin paying attention in student politics, well, then this may be it.

Show up at the meeting, share your opinions, and take the chance to learn a thing or two about how your money is spent.

We’re pleased to see that ASCSU is taking this issue seriously; we hope that more of you will, too.

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