Me, Britney and the Nuggets

Apr 032002

Some random thoughts for you to ponder instead of paying attention in your classes:

/_/ First, the NCAA tournament. I’ve just watched a tape of the title game and it confirmed my earlier suspicion: that was one awful basketball game. It could have come down to nerves, or maybe the teams being emotionally hung over after wicked semifinal games or it might have just been top-notch defense. Whatever the reason, that game closely resembled one of my spirited pick-up games at the good ol’ CSU rec center. Without the dunking, of course.

/_/ It was kind of disappointing to see the Hoosiers get that far and then lose. I’ve always had sort of a soft spot for the underdog. But if any of the No. 1 seeds were going to end their Cinderella run, I’m glad it was Maryland. In an era of high schoolers and college freshman jumping to the NBA at a record pace, it’s not often that we see a team that has any worthwhile seniors, much less three fifth-year seniors. And one of those seniors, Juan Dixon, has a story that has the makings of a made-for-TV movie. Both his parents were drug addicts and died of AIDS after using dirty needles. It’s great to see someone succeed despite that kind of adversity.

/_/ Speaking of adversity, the Rockies didn’t exactly look like the World Series contenders in the opener that I said they could be, did they?

The one thing we all need to remember is that they have 161 more games to go. It’s a little early to give up on them now. The first week of the season isn’t exactly an indicator of how the season is going to go. They still have the entire summer to show us how bad they suck. Case in point? The Nuggets started the season 6-3 this year.

/_/ Of course, this is assuming that baseball is still being played later on in the summer. A lot of the whispers around Major League Baseball suggest that there might be a strike if the players and the owners can’t come up with a new collective bargaining agreement. My advice to all parties involved is to get a deal done, no matter what. Baseball has only recently recovered from the damage the 1994 strike did to the fans’ interest in baseball. If they decide to strike again, the damage could be irreparable.

/_/ Of course, I doubt the players or owners look to The Collegian for advice, so we could be in trouble.

/_/ Anyways, while the season is just beginning for one professional sport, the playoffs for two others are just about ready to get underway. The NHL, whose playoffs are exciting for the folks in Colorado because the Avs will begin the defense of their Stanley Cup title (although it’s going to be tough considering the Red Wings have the equivalent of a freakin’ All-Star team this year); and the NBA, whose playoffs we don’t care about because the last time the Nuggets were any good, the Avalanche didn’t exist and neither did three NFL franchises, indoor plumbing, two NBA franchises or the wheel.

/_/ Oh well, maybe the Nuggets will be good next season. Yeah, and maybe Britney Spears and I will attend the opening of her next movie, Crossroads 2, as man and wife.

/_/ What? It could happen.

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