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So, there’s only one presidential ticket for the Associated Students of Colorado State University election this year. So, there’s no reason to vote in the election, right?


Fifty senate candidates from nine colleges are running for positions in ASCSU, and your vote for these candidates is vital to the composition of next year’s student government. Senators are direct representatives of the student body. They write, debate and vote on legislation affecting campus life and student issues. Senators also report to college councils. They hear concerns of students in individual colleges and take concerns back to the ASCSU Senate.

Senators play a key role in student representation. Each student is represented directly in ASCSU by senators from his or her college. This year, seats in seven of the nine colleges are contested. The College of Liberal Arts has twice as many candidates as seats available. With the proliferation of senate candidates, students have decision-making power.

Even though there is only one official presidential ticket in this year’s election, you can still make your voice and choice heard. Tell the presidential and vice presidential candidates what you want out of your student government. Let them know what issues are important to you as a student. Furthermore, we have added the ability for students to run as write-in candidates.

Contrary to popular belief, ASCSU plays a vital role on our campus. If Colorado State didn’t have a student government, the CSU administration would allocate the approximately $700 each student pays in student fees a year. ASCSU keeps this money in student’s hands and ensures that students control their own fee money.

In addition to funding, programs such as Ram Road Trips, Cinema CSU and free student attendance at home athletic events are possible because of ASCSU efforts. ASCSU’s Positive Impact program is a major reason alcohol is still sold at Hughes Stadium, and the Repeat/ Delete academic policy is the result of ASCSU action. Without ASCSU, students would not have representation at the State Board of Agriculture and would have no say in academic or administrative policy.

Each vote for the presidential and senate candidates is important. The State Board of Agriculture must approve the ASCSU election each year, and the higher the percentage of students voting in the election, the more readily the board approves the election outcomes. If students do not get out the vote, the State Board of Agriculture has the right to choose ASCSU representatives.

Do you want your representatives and the fate of your student government to be decided by the State Board of Agriculture? Let’s keep the decision in students’ hands.

ASCSU election voting began on April 1, and polls will remain open until 3 p.m. today. You can cast your vote on RAMweb at http://ramweb.colostate.edu.

For more information about candidates or the election process, call at 491-5931, email ascsuvp@lamar.colostate.edu or stop by the ASCSU office in Campus Activities at Lory Student Center.

Christina Cooksey is the director of marketing for ASCSU.

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