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The Fightin’ Whites of the University of Northern Colorado ended their season over the weekend, losing yet another basketball game. Despite the losing season, though, the team has scored at least one big victory this year.

These are the people who hopped onto the national stage when they chose to use their team name as a chance to highlight what they see as a problem in their community /_” Eaton High School’s use of the Fightin’ Red as a mascot. They found the term offensive /_” and rightfully so. The Whites were a response to that, a chance to show folks what a name can do.

We wish them the best as they attempt to make a positive change in their community.

It seems that it’s very easy for all of us to look at something that offends someone and to tell him or her to “get over it” or to dismiss the offensive statement as “unintentional” or “not a big deal.” But sometimes, it is a big deal.

So hurray to the Whites for approaching this touchy topic in a clever and unique way. They seem to be successful in getting their point out there to the masses /_” well, mostly.

According to a recent Rocky Mountain News article, the Fightin’ Whites have been receiving supportive mail from individuals who are pleased to see that someone is finally standing up for the white guys.

They clearly missed the point.

We’re all for this attempt to get people to think about what happens when we limit people with names that can be dehumanizing. We only hope that those who miss the point of the message are few and far between.

Best of luck, Fighting Whites, as you continue to tackle this difficult issue.

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