Mar 312002

David Bower seems to love CSU.

That one of the many reasons that the editorial board has unanimously chosen to endorse Bower and his running mate, Jessica Chavez, for this year’s Associated Students of CSU presidential and vice presidential elections.

This decision came after meeting with Bower and Chavez and Ian Guest, one of a pair of write-in candidates for the position. We felt that Bower and Chavez have the experience, the vision, the realistic goals and the specific plans that this campus needs.

As the current Director of Finance, Bower has a detailed understanding of the student fee structure that this campus operates under. This knowledge will be very important to next year’s president.

Bower and Chavez also have experience in the ASCSU Senate – experience that will be useful as they work to change students’ perceptions of ASCSU and the senate, one of their stated goals. Some of the other goals that resonated with us were their plans to involve resident assistants in the advising process and their desire to excite students about the college experience.

In addition to their experience with ASCSU, Bower and Chavez seem to understand that they must leave the comfort and safety of the ASCSU office and reach out to students in a variety of settings. It is vital that this happens, as there are many student voices missing from our student government. We think that the Bower/Chavez combination of experience, new ideas and approachability is a great and useful tool for good on this campus.

This is a weird election year with only one official campaign ticket on the ballot. We are confident, though, that this is perhaps one of the strongest tickets this campus has seen in several years.

There’s plenty of potential here; if elected, we hope they don’t squander it.

We also hope that, if elected, Bower and Chavez do their best to ensure that the many ideas represented by all of the candidates and interested students are worked into the fabric of ASCSU.

Students, whomever you wish to vote for, please vote in this election. Your voice does matter.

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