Time to make some choices

Mar 282002

Monday marks the beginning of the Associated Students of CSU elections. It’s good that we’ve got a weekend to rest up before the excitement of voting begins, because we all have some important decisions to make.

To vote or not to vote, that might be the question.

ASCSU has worked hard to ensure that there will be a choice of some kind when it comes to voting for president and vice president. As of this writing, there are at least two tickets, one on the ballot and one that has registered as a write-in ticket. There may be more, as the deadline for write-in ticket registration comes this afternoon.

When it comes to senators, you have several choices in most colleges – that’s a good thing.

Please take the weekend to decide how you’re going to participate in the election process.

If you choose to vote, make sure that you’ve done a bit of research; be certain that you choose candidates that you feel will represent you and your needs. Consider that these people will have some control over your student fee money, and that they’ll be speaking on your behalf to the administration and to the community. Choose wisely.

If you choose not to vote, well, that’s your choice. But make sure that you consider the ramifications of that decision as well.

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