Mar 272002

“I’m in a state of euphoria,” said Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton following Tuesday’s announcement that Memphis secured the long-awaited boxing bout between current heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis and former champion Mike Tyson.

“A state of euphoria?” Excuse us? Lewis, we’ve got no problem with him; he’s just your typical, mild-mannered Brit, although one who likes to rearrange faces into hunks of hamburger. But Tyson? C’mon! The self-proclaimed “Baddest Man on the Planet” is likely a rapist, likes to dine on small children and Evander Holyfield’s ears, and the Muslims want to excommunicate him. He’s admitted to trying to break boxer Frans Botha’s arm, has used more profanity than “Scarface,” and has shown his absolute hatred for journalists on more than one occasion with such mature acts as throwing glass Christmas ornaments.

Iron Mike had his boxing license revoked in and was even kicked out of Las Vegas – Sin City, for crying out loud – because his behavior was intolerable. And Herenton is euphoric about bringing this type of behavior to Memphis? Perhaps it would have been more correct of Herenton to say, “I’m in the money!” The fight could generate as much as $100 million between the site fees, pay-per-view revenue and tickets ranging from $300 to $12,500. Lewis and Tyson are each rumored to be pulling in $20 mil. Two sure thoughts remain: One, Herenton’s glee in celebrating such an influx of filth is sickening; two, on June 8, The Collegian editorial staff will be cheering on Lewis.

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