Mar 272002
Authors: Eric Patton

Another comic book character created by the mind of Stan Lee, the legend of all comics, made it big in the box-office so, of course, Hollywood had to make a sequel. Should they have?

They probably shouldn’t have made the first one.

“Blade II” takes on the great moneymaking genre of action, but tried to have the action sequences support the entire movie, which was a big mistake.

Blade is a half-vampire, half-human character that has acquired all of the vampire strengths but none of their weaknesses (which is convenient) so he can walk in the daylight.

The other vampires call him the Daywalker and fear him because it is his job to kill them. For this sequel, however, the vampires need his help to kill a new race that can’t be killed by silver or garlic, but are still susceptible to the UV light from the sun or any other artificial light containing UV rays.

It seems simple enough, especially considering it appears as if there is sunlight pouring into each room they fight in. But if they died in sunlight, the movie wouldn’t have the fight scenes, which are the only reason to see it.

The fight sequences are eventful and entertaining to watch, but some of the fights are superimposed with computers to the point that the audience can clearly tell there isn’t one actor out there. Some of the fighting looks like a PlayStation 1 game (that’s right, PS1, not PS2 – quality is lacking).

The only thing more cliched than the array of typical characters is the dialogue. Maybe, and that’s a big maybe, if the acting was better, the dialogue would seem less contrived, but the actors here should be nominated for a Razzie award (the “Academy Awards” given to the worst of every category, which “Freddy Got Fingered” swept this year).

Wesley Snipes, who plays the title character, has incredible talent – he shouldn’t reduce himself to a script like this and then not appear to put that much into it. As Snipes is, he should transcend a script like this.

This film will cater to those who want an absolutely mindless action film. Things are bloody, brutal, and action-packed, but that can’t support the entire movie.

Looking at this picture as just an entertaining action film and placing it in comparison with other films of its genre, I give it a C-. It gets this low grade because if you want that kind of action, you can watch Jackie Chan or Arnold Schwarzenegger. And if you don’t want mindless action, just good action, then rent “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.” As for an actual credible movie, this film gets higher than an F just because I can’t completely degrade Snipes, but it can’t climb higher than a D-. n

Suggestions with Wesley Snipes: “One Night Stand,” “Murder at 1600,” “Money Train,” “Rising Sun,” “Waiting to Exhale,” “White Men Can’t Jump,” “Jungle Fever,” “New Jack City,” “Demolition Man,” “Major League”

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