Student choice may be saved

Mar 262002

This election process seems to be moving in the right direction, thanks to some last minute moves by ASCSU and some interested student candidates.

Today, several actions will be taken by the Associated Students of CSU to ensure that student choice is a factor in the presidential and vice-presidential race.

At 4 p.m., the ASCSU Elections Committee will meet to decide if Phil Molnar can continue his quest for the presidency with his new running mate, Ian Guest. Guest is attempting to join the race after Chris Lewis dropped off of the ticket.

We strongly urge the committee to allow the ticket to be placed the ballot. We also encourage the ASCSU Supreme Court to allow the change. That’s a positive move towards giving students an option in the election. However, we still should point out that the loss of the Lewis/Molnar ticket was not the fault of ASCSU, but was a choice made by the candidates. Thanks, ASCSU, for considering this exception. It’s the right thing to do.

At 6:30 p.m., the senate will also attempt to increase student options by passing legislation that will create a write-in provision on the ballot. The change, as currently proposed, would require potential write-in candidates to register with ASCSU by Friday and to adhere to the elections rules that other candidates must abide by.

Senate, pass that bill. This is a rather formal way to include write-in votes, but it seems to be a reasonable compromise – but we’ll wait until we see the final version before we throw our full support behind it.

Write-ins are the only way to ensure that students have the best of all possible options. Students, show your support for the bill by showing up to tell your senators how you feel. This is a provision that should have been included from the beginning, and we’re pleased to see it getting some attention.

Kudos, ASCSU, to taking the positive step with write-in voting. We only wonder why it took so long for you to do so, and how many students you alienated before you came around.

Now, it becomes even more important that we all take the chance to participate in these elections. There is money at stake, lest we forget, and it’s our money.

Please, read the statements from the candidates that we’re printing over the next several days. Talk to the candidates; try to figure out who would do the best job of representing you and your interests.

Finally, vote. You can do so beginning Monday by logging into Ramweb.

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