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Mar 262002

Sushi has recently become a very popular food among college students. However, while the experience of going to a sushi bar with a bunch of friends is great fun, with just a few tools and ingredients, making sushi at home can be easy, fun and relatively cheap.

The only special equipment necessary is a bamboo mat or hot pad, which is used to actually roll the sushi. A very sharp knife to cut the sushi rolls and a wooden spoon to spread the rice are also very helpful, but not absolutely necessary.

The basic ingredients include nori, toasted seaweed sheets that can be found at most grocery stores, sushi rice, which can be made at home, sushi vinegar and any fillings necessary for the type of sushi desired. Again, most of these ingredients can be found at local grocery stores and Asian food markets.

Sushi Rice:

To make, use regular short-grained rice. Only use instant rice in a pinch. Combine equal parts rice and water and bring to a quick boil, covered, for one minute. Let simmer for 20 minutes, then remove from heat and let stand for another 10 minutes. Then place the hot rice into a large bowl and mix in the sushi vinegar (one tbsp. per cup of rice). Let cool.

A good rule of thumb is to make one cup of cooked rice for each sushi roll.

California Rolls:

This is the most basic of all sushi types.

nori sheets

1 c. rice

avocado slices

1 piece imitation crab

cucumber slices

Lay the nori sheets on a bamboo mat and spread rice over it, about one inch thick. Place avocado slices along one edge of the nori. Split a piece of imitation crab lengthwise. Place the two pieces end to end on top of the avocado. Add several strips of cucumber on top. Slowly fold the mat over, tucking the nori in to start a roll. Keep rolling with a moderate amount of pressure. Then cut the roll in to 6-8 pieces.

Nigiri-Zushi (Hand-made sushi):

sushi rice

filet of fish (raw tuna, butterflied cooked shrimp, giant clam, abalone, squid or octopus)

wasabi (a Japanese horseradish mustard sauce)

Shape about 2 tbsp. of rice into an oval by hand /_” about 2″x1″. Place a drop of wasabi on top of the rice and then top it off with a slice of fish.

Hand Rolls:

1 sheet nori

1 tbsp. sushi rice

filling (vegetables, fish, etc.)


Place rice on one side of the nori and spread evenly. Fill with desired filling. Roll the nori into a cone by starting at the corner and rolling toward the opposite corner. Paste the ends together with a drop of wasabi.

Other types of sushi can be made following the recipe for California rolls, and substituting with desired fillings. n

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