Mar 212002

It would be rather funny, if it weren’t so sad.

It seems that the Associated Students of CSU elections have gotten extra silly/ugly/pointless (insert your favorite adjective here). As of Thursday, the number of tickets running for the offices of president and vice president of the student government may have shrunk from two to one. Chris Lewis, who wished to continue ties with Student Media rather than run a campaign for ASCSU, dropped out of the race. It’s unclear as of yet whether Phil Molnar, his vice presidential co-candidate, will remain in as a candidate, perhaps with a new running mate. As of this writing, ASCSU election officials state that there will be no write-ins accepted and that no further candidates will be allowed to run.

So much for student choice, huh?

It is both unfortunate and unacceptable that ASCSU has failed to produce enough candidates to actually have an interesting race in this year’s presidential and vice presidential elections, unfortunate because they have been advertising for candidates to a student body that seems largely uninterested.

But all the blame lies at the feet of the ASCSU Elections Committee for constructing a system that effectively silences students by limiting their options.

We suggest that elections be extended or perhaps even postponed to allow for new candidates to step forward if there ends up being only one “choice” on the ballot. At the very least, write-in candidates or no-confidence votes should be options on the ballot. As we’ve said before, there must be a way for students to express dissatisfaction with the current system and its candidates. That’s democracy.

ASCSU, it’s time to make some decisions. Please, please make them on behalf of student choice, and not the timely elections process.

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