Road Trip Recommendations

Mar 062002
Authors: Phil Davidson

1.”Blonde on Blonde” /_” Bob Dylan. This is one of the classic albums from America’s greatest troubadour. His message is not so subliminal in “Rainy Day Women #12 & 35,” one of the greatest road trip songs ever written.

2.”Exile on Main Street” /_” The Rolling Stones. Arguably the greatest rock and roll album ever recorded. Let Mick and company get the juices flowing with the hard rocking riffs of “Tumbling Dice” and the harmonic melodies of “Loving Cup.”

3.”American Beauty” /_” The Grateful Dead. You don’t have to be a deadhead to enjoy this genuine slice of Americana. The Dead’s studio masterpiece featuring the classic road tune “Truckin,” as well as the skillfully written acoustic ballad, “Ripple.”

4.”At His Best” /_” Bill Monroe. The father of bluegrass. Great music for driving through the mountains. (Acceptable substitute: “O Brother Where Art Thou” soundtrack.)

5.”AC/DC Live” /_” AC/DC. The driver will definitely need some hard-core rocking when covering the late night/early morning shifts. What better way to do so than “Back in Black” or “Highway to Hell.”

6.”Three Feet High and Rising” /_” De La Soul. A little hip-hop is a must. One of the most influential rap albums that introduced the skit between songs, a motif favored by many of today’s artists.

7.”Pass the Peas: The Best of the J.B.’s” /_” The J.B.’s. a band which featured the godfather of soul himself, James Brown, as well as seminal sax blower, Maceo Parker. James Brown lays it down best for you with, “we’re gonna have a funky, good time.”

8.”Like A Prayer” /_” Madonna. Yes, truly an anomaly from the patriarchal list. Chances are, however, that females will be hard to come by on your road trip (their dads pay for their flights). A definite way to break up the monotony with the grooviest album by the world’s current hottest 40-year-old.

9.”Sands in the Vaseline” /_” The Talking Heads. A collection of songs by one of the coolest bands ever. Listen to David Byrne make sense out of nonsense.

10.”Midnight Vultures” /_” Beck. This man is a true visionary. One of the first to blend folk, soul, blues, and synthesizer all into one genre. How could you go wrong with a song entitled, “Nicotine and Gravy”?

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