Mar 052002
Authors: Lee Miller

I can feel the tingle starting in my toes. The snow is thawing, spring break is unbearably close and I don’t no how much longer I can contain my excitement for the greatest three weeks of televised sports: March Madness.

I have to say I’m a little worried about how the brackets are going to be spread out when most everyone is going to be gone for break when the seeds are completely filled. But I guess I really don’t have the power to do anything about that – or do I? Nope, I sure don’t.

Kansas is running into the conference championships with a head full of steam after finishing undefeated in arguably the best conference in the nation. Kansas is notorious for screwing up early in the tournament, and totally wasting all of its great talent, leaving Roy Williams weeping and trying to explain how he can’t explain what happened to his juggernaut Jayhawks. This year will probably be no different because the ACC is just too dominant to ignore. Even though Duke is surprisingly susceptible to breakdowns, the Blue Devils will still be in Kansas’ way towards the end of the dance.

My wild card is those upstart Zags with that scrappy, little Dan Dickau running like a madman all over the court and pretending to be fouled by big forwards grabbing him to make him sit still. Gonzaga has been in the Tournament the last five years, and every year gets further than anyone expects. This year, the No. 3 seeded Zags will be facing teams like Oregon and Oklahoma in the early rounds (unless Gonzaga embarrasses me by losing in the first round). Perhaps this could be a great year for Gonzaga, if I didn’t jinx them.

By the way, don’t come complaining to me if Kansas and Duke get beaten early in the conference tournaments, and somehow end up 16 seeds, and are totally obliterated before the second week. They don’t pay you to get on this computer and make outrageous claims like you invented the question mark.

Now something I’ve been festering about for a few years. It started back in the Becky Hammon days, when CSU made it deep into the NCAA Tournament. Even then, our female athletes were more competitive than our men. Yet, it still makes no difference to most people I know because it’s “girl’s basketball.”

Our women are going into the Mountain West Tournament today as the top seed. I’ll spare the attendance lectures that we are all used to because I myself have been slow to seriously follow this team. Only through seeing the error of my ways can I feel justified in telling you that you must watch these ladies play basketball whenever national broadcast permits. Get to know your Ashley Augspurgers and Katie Bortons. Do this because these women represent your school just as much as your Bradlee Van Pelts and Brian Greenes. Also do this because you’ll feel like a real fool if these ladies win the National Championship and one day you happen to run across one of them, and you can’t congratulate them ’cause you’ve never seen them play.

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