Farewell, Silver Spruce

Mar 042002

Unfortunately, it seemed somewhat destined to happen.

We’re sad to report that CSU’s own yearbook is going the way of many other yearbooks across the country, slipping quietly into the night after this, its twilight year.

We tip our hats to those dedicated souls toiling away on the last edition of the Silver Spruce, the book that, each year, encapsulates the year that was into a neat and tidy package of memories.

Alas, there’s no particular cause for the demise of the publication. Lack of sales, a growing campus where anonymity is sometimes a blessing and a national trend seem all to be contributing causes. Apparently, many campuses are dealing with this same problem of students who go to college not for institutional memories, but for in-and-out job training. It’s just one more tradition that seems to be disappearing from our fair campus.

We guess people just aren’t as interested in those keepsakes of college (except for all of those old liquor bottles, oddly enough). Too bad.

We’re told that several are looking into possible new publication options for the Silver Spruce. Rumor mills suggest a campus magazine, a continued freshman directory and several other projects are being considered by the powers that be. We’re looking forward to seeing what the final decision is on the matter.

We’re also interested in hearing what alternative publications might fill the void left by the Silver Spruce’s ride into the sunset. Write us a letter, and let us know what you think.

Farewell, Silver Spruce. You will be sincerely missed.

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