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It’s unbelievable.

Somehow, rioting has been elevated to a status worse than rape and murder. Much to our surprise and dismay, House bill 1173 has passed through the Colorado House floor and the Senate Education committee. If it passes the Senate floor and gets signed by Governor Owens, students convicted of inciting to riot will lose their in-state tuition for a year, in addition to the existing consequences.

We understand that rioting is a problem, but how can our government take away in-state tuition for someone who throws a plastic cup at a football game when they don’t do it for rapists and murderers?

This bill obviously sets a double standard.

What about out-of-state students? If a student from Wyoming gets caught in a riot along with their Colorado neighbor, they face the same criminal penalties (such as fines, community service or jail time) and the consequences set by the University Judicial Affairs (possible probation, suspension or expulsion) but their punishment ends at that. Shouldn’t we fine them the extra $10,000 that the Colorado student will end up paying?

It amazes us that this bill has made it this far. We hope it will stop here.

If you are concerned about upholding the rights of students, let your Senators know. The bill will enter the floor this week, so speak now before it’s too late.

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