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Despite a strong showing in the ACHA Division II Tournament, the CSU hockey team was eliminated from play on Saturday. Although the Rams went 2-1 in a grouping consisting of Indiana University, Michigan State University and Franklin Pierce College, they could not make it out of the bracket.

“It was very disappointing being so close,” head coach Brian Sutton said. “We had our destiny in our hands.”

The Rams shared the best record in the bracket with Indiana, but were eliminated because they had more goals against and lost to them head-to-head. It came down to two less goals for the Hoosiers because the Rams allowed Franklin Pierce three goals in the last game.

CSU lost its first game to Indiana on Wednesday, 6-4. The Rams trailed only 5-4 going into the third quarter; however, Indiana was able to capitalize on power plays to take the win. CSU went on to defeat Michigan State 14-7 on Thursday and topped Franklin Pierce on Friday, 7-4.

“Our biggest mistake was not playing well against Indiana in the first game,” Sutton said. “We were a little cocky and didn’t wake up until the second (period). We played well, though. Talking to some of the coaches after, they said they thought we were the best team out there. We had a lot of compliments.”

The Rams end their season with a 23-11-1 record and graduate seven seniors, including captain Chris Lockrem, Aaron Gaddis, Chris MacGruder, Travis Burge, Scott Heinbuch, Brock Storfa and Matt Merritt. n

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