Beating a dead horse

Feb 212002

We’ve got to give some credit to Kay Rios.

As the director of University Parking Services, she takes insult after insult on behalf of students who seem to think that her staff (comprised largely of students) is out to get them. What these paranoid students forget is that when they choose to park in the wrong spaces, they choose to pay fines. Parking is not a right; it is a privilege.

Why is it that so few students actually get that?

This very page has been home to the rants of some students who have some pretty odd opinions regarding UPS. We wish they’d get over it. We also wish they would park properly and save themselves the trouble of paying tickets.

Everyone attached to this Our View has received a parking ticket sometime (and in most cases, multiple times) during our college careers. All of our tickets have been dealt with fairly; some were appealed and the fine was dropped, and for some we had to cough up the dough.

We’re okay with that.

Look, for all of the work that UPS does, we think they’re doing a pretty good job, and a thankless one, at that.

Parking has been a contentious issue for about as long as cars have been allowed on the campus. When people park in the wrong places, there should be some sort of punishment. That discourages further offenses. Rios and her staff understand that, which is why people get parking tickets.

Actually, there are a fair number of parking spaces on campus. Sure, you might need to show up to campus a few minutes early if you’re arriving at a peak parking time, but we can all handle that. Planning ahead should be a skill that most college students possess. If you can’t manage to get here early, then maybe you should try the bus. It’s a big campus; there’s just not enough room for everyone to park wherever and whenever they please.

Most students should also understand by now how the parking system works. If that’s not the case, here are a few helpful reminders. When you have an A pass, you can park in an A lot. When you have a Z pass, you can park in a Z lot. When you park in front of a meter during the school day, you need to put money in that meter.

Hopefully, there are more important issues that we can begin to work on as a campus. All things considered, parking is being handled pretty well.

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