Feb 102002

Students looking to get in shape before spring break need look no further than the Student Recreation Center.

“It’s not too late to start a fitness program before spring break,” said Tamar Stroh, fitness coordinator at the recreation center.

In addition to the many fitness programs offered at the recreation center, two new programs will be available for students this week and next, Stroh said.

One of the new programs, the team marathon program, begins today at 4 p.m. in the recreation center.

For $28 students will be able to meet weekly for a group workout and marathon training education, Stroh said.

In addition, the program will provide members with a weekly training program they can use to prepare for upcoming races, said Erin Seimetz team marathon instructor.

For students who do not consider running a marathon fun, the recreation center offers another fitness class.

The Power Performance class, taught by Mike Johnson and Brett Shreve, student personal trainers, will focus on improving agility, strength and power, Johnson said.

The $20, eight-week course begins Feb. 18 at 5:15 p.m. in the recreation center.

“The course is designed to develop athletic performance in the highest capacity,” Johnson said.

The focus of the class is to increase strength and power through a variety of explosive, resistance-training exercises, he said.

For the safety of the students participating in the class, Johnson said it is important that participants are already familiar with resistance-training activities.

Apart from the two new fitness programs, Stroh said the recreation center staff has begun an orientation session for students unfamiliar with recreation center.

“There are various fitness opportunities that students are not familiar with,” she said. “We hope to teach them about what is available here so they can take advantage of what is available.”

The total orientation session gives students an overview of how to correctly use all the equipment at the recreation center and how to show proper weight room etiquette, Stroh said.

The cost of the orientation session is $10 and scheduling forms are available at the recreation center main office.

“Fitness programs and opportunities are available for everyone,” Stroh said. “If students have not started a fitness routine for spring break, we can help.” n

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