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Feb 062002
Authors: Rachel Spannuth

Eileen Agosta is going through a process few people will go through in their lives: establishing her own movie production company.

Agosta, a sophomore studying journalism at CSU, is directing the first film Twelve Monkeys Dancing Films will put out.

Agosta is joined by company co-founder Katy Munkres, the only member of the crew that does not go to CSU. Munkres is the executive producer of the film.

Among the rest of the crew are Derek Perry, Louisa McClatcher and Chris Cochran, the sound, lights and general technicians, respectively; Brandon Bennett and Shane Bergman, the cinematographers; and Wendy Sanders, in charge of effects, makeup, wardrobe and casting.Agosta placed an ad in the Collegian looking for her crew.

“I never imagined I would ever find a crew as talented, enthusiastic, gifted and dedicated as I did,” Agosta said.

“They’ve brought this project to life in ways that I never dreamed, and I have nothing but good feelings about where it will go over the next few months.”

The film, titled “The Great American Novel,” is about inspiration, what inspires people and the lengths people go in order to become inspired.

The entire cast has always had an interest in film, many shooting small films on their own personal camcorders. Bennett, the youngest of the crew, got involved because he has a desire to create films, and after being rejected from the University of Colorado’s Film Department, decided this would be good experience.

“Especially being at CSU after being rejected at CU, something like this film is awesome to work on. It gives me the chance to do what I’m really interested in,” Bennett said.

Sanders has been involved in theater for years, and most recently started directing the local cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and minors in musical theatre.

“These are the things that keep me sane. I don’t always learn what I want to pursue in classes, so I have to learn through real-life experience,” Sanders said.

McClatcher, a senior at CSU studying television broadcasting, has a lot of experience with filming. She currently works for Campus Television’s “Backyard Videos” and is an intern with MGA productions. She also plans to make an extreme sports video this summer, dedicated to downhill mountain biking and BMX biking.

The feature length film, written by Agosta, revolves around an author whose goal is to write the great American novel. She makes it her responsibility to see what makes people function and react to things in the way they do, in order to write her masterpiece. She ends up taking the people-watching too far, creating havoc and manipulating those involved.

The film also focuses on dreams people have, and the power those dreams and goals have. It takes a look at how dreams can be destructive, causing people to do things they wouldn’t normally do. They change people, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, but they are powerful forces in every person’s life.

Agosta is footing the bill of the production, estimated at $8,000 to $10,000. She is currently seeking investors. Due to lack of budget, the entire cast and crew is operating as volunteers.

Much more than the financial cost, the cost of time is estimated to be large as well. Agosta estimates that shooting the film alone will take at least 60 hours, not to mention the two months of editing to follow. Agosta hopes to finish the film by mid-May.

The opening line of the film says it all. “It begins, as great things do, with a dream.” n

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