Feb 042002

It’s that time of year again.

It’s time to decide if you think that you can make a positive difference on behalf of the students at CSU. That’s right, it’s time to consider running for elected office in the Associated Students of CSU, your very own student government.

The theme for this year’s voter information drive, announced in an ad in yesterday’s Collegian, is “Find Your Voice.” The ad kicking off elections showcased a large, crying infant and reminded folks to get involved in the upcoming electoral process. (get it . . . electoral college? Nevermind.)

We think you should check out the election process, maybe even involve yourself in it.

Yes, ASCSU is a really big student council. Yes, many of those involved get involved to pack their resumes and prepare for a great job.

But many of them are hard working folks who try to make a difference.

We’d like to see more of those types running for office.

ASCSU has a direct say in how your student dollars are spent. That means that they need honest, ethical and capable student representatives to run for office.

While we here at the Collegian sure do enjoy picking on our elected officials (and they oftentimes need a good poking in the ribs), we also understand the importance of dedicated students running for office.

We need qualified leaders that are capable of representing all students fairly and equitably.

As election time grows closer, we’ll be devoting some space to the issues and the candidates. We hope that you’ll pay attention and, at the very least, vote.

We also hope that some of you will run for office. There are Senate seats as well as the presidency and vice-presidency up for grabs.

If you think that you can commit yourself to trying to make a difference, then you should get involved.

On a side note, we find it pretty interesting that ASCSU chose a crying baby as a representative of the “student voice.” The polite and caring side of this board is sure that ASCSU in no way meant to insinuate that the student body is nothing more than a bunch of whiny crybabies.

But the cynical side in us thinks that they were doing just that.

(Don’t worry, ASCSU. We got the joke. And we won’t tell.)

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