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Did you see that game? You were happy, you were sad, you were on the edge of your seat until the last few seconds. And the commercials weren’t bad, either.

Initially, it was scary that large corporations paying an outrageous amount for commercials could capitalize on the events of Sept. 11 and try to sell patriotism along with beer. But the mix of the humorous (the mini fridge vs. the robot) and sentimental (Mayor Guiliani’s thank-you message and the Budweiser Clydesdales paying homage in New York Harbor) was gratifying.

Commercials that did deal with the events of Sept. 11 were done tactfully, without corporations trying to prove their patriotism to sell one more soft drink. Overall, advertisers did a decent job in this situation. (But Britney Spears is a sell-out.)

It wasn’t just the commercials that were clever, however. The halftime show and the fanfare over American troops in Afghanistan helped the U.S. audience remember the horrific calamities suffered nearly six months ago. The events of Sept. 11 will haunt us forever, and it’s appropriate to remember them – but with discretion, and that prevailed last night.

Football may be overly commercialized and probably given too much emphasis in our country, but the Super Bowl is really just an excuse to get together with friends and family and have a good time. What’s more American than that?

And how serendipitous is it that the PATRIOTS won?

P.S. – What the heck is an mLife, and how do we get one?

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