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We are in the midst of the most over-hyped week of the year – Super Bowl week. The media is busy flooding the public with anything and everything having to do with the Super Bowl.

There’s a couple other hype-worthy things going on too, so I thought we’d examine some other hyped up sports stories of the week.

Boxing, where the big hype has to do with everybody’s favorite cannibal. I have just one question for Mike Tyson: What the hell did he think was going to happen? He goes in front of the Nevada Boxing commission and promises them he’ll be good, exactly one week removed from biting another potential opponent and screaming wild obscenities at a room full of reporters. Did he really think that Nevada was going to give him his license back? There is no two ways about it; Mike Tyson is an idiot. And a crazy idiot at that. If I were Lennox Lewis, I wouldn’t even consider getting in the ring with Tyson. Not unless I knew he had a Big Meal beforehand.

The over-hyped NBA All-Star rosters are set, and to everyone’s surprise, there isn’t a single Denver Nugget on the team. Well, duh! What makes me laugh is that some fans are really upset that Nick Van Exel wasn’t named to the All-Star team. Okay, he’s averaging more than 24 points and eight assists a game. But he’s on a horrible team that could be no worse even if he were gone. Besides, whom would they take off the team to replace with him? Gary Payton? Peja Stojakovic? Kobe Bryant? Probably not. No one from the Nuggets deserves to even buy tickets to the All-Star game, much less be selected.

The madness that is CSU Men’s Basketball. Okay, not a lot of hype has been generated about this, because not many people are going to the games. I guess it’s understandable, because people are just used to the guys being bad. To be honest though, they really aren’t that bad. They have been competitive in every game they have played this year, despite the fact that they’ve had more guys in and out of lineup than “The Sopranos.” If they can get healthy, they might be able to steal a few of these games they’re coming close in. It might be too late for this season, but virtually every player will be back next year. If they can get a solid lineup of guys who know how to play with each other, they might make a splash in the Mountain West.

And now for the big game. The big story of Super Bowl week? Brady or Bledsoe? The Patriots will decide today whom they will start at quarterback. If Brady is healthy, I’ll bet he’ll be the guy; if there is any question about his health, Bledsoe will get the nod. To be perfectly honest though, I think the 14-point underdogs might need Joe Namath at quarterback to beat the Rams. I know, I know, the Patriots have beaten the teams that no one thought they should and Bill Belichick is a defensive genius, and the Patriots gave the Rams a tough game earlier this season and blah, blah, blah. I’ve heard everybody’s reasons why the Patriots won’t get blown out. However, the bottom line is the Rams are playing football at a different level than anyone in the league right now, and it would take a major league meltdown by the Rams to blow it in New Orleans. I’m going to root for New England, as I always root for the underdog in these situations, but it looks like the clock is about to strike midnight on the Cinderella Patriots.

So, enjoy the hype. We won’t be overexposed to another sporting event for a whole year. n

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