State of the Nation

Jan 292002

“Let’s roll,” said President George W. Bush in his State of Union address Tuesday night.

This is our country’s new model to live by, and we like it.

As the president said, since Sept. 11 some things in our lives have returned to normal, but America and her citizens will never be same. And we shouldn’t.

Imagine if all 284 million people who currently enjoy the freedoms and opportunities of being Americans answer Bush’s call for two years of community service throughout their lives.

Imagine doctors, nurses and paramedics giving up some of their valued free time to become trained in the USA Freedom Corps Bush introduced Tuesday. Training that in case of another attack on U.S. soil will prepare and organize medical personnel to save the lives of their neighbors, which could possibly include you.

For those of you who are argue that America should share her resources and good will with less fortunate parts of the world, there are now many more options. Imagine joining the Peace Corps – an organization which Bush announced will double in size – and bringing much-needed relief to many of the impoverished children of the Islamic World.

But Bush’s vague challenge to pursue community service goes far beyond the aforementioned programs.

During his speech, Bush mentioned the continuing threat to our lives from terrorist organizations in Iraq, Iran, North Korea and throughout the world. He also mentioned that we are currently spending $30 million a day to fight these threats.

But beside our tax dollars, what can we do to protect ourselves from these unseen predators? The only thing we can do is work to make America stronger.

Volunteer at a Boys and Girls Club; donate some old clothes to a homeless shelter; join a senior citizen buddy program; giver your alcohol money for a week to charity; or shovel the snow from your neighbor’s sidewalk today when you get home from class.

“We want to be a nation that serves goals larger than self,” Bush said.

Powerful words, but as petty the killing of thousands of innocent people unless we all take it upon ourselves to put them into action.

As college students and the future leaders of this country, we have the opportunity put our ideals into action – now. The door of change is wide open – don’t block it with old American habits of hegemony, materialism and selfishness.

Make a difference.

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