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Jan 201970
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Barack Hussein Obama has been called a rock star. He’s been likened to Abraham Lincoln and some have even called him a messiah.

Certainly, as it’s been reported over and over again, this man — now officially the 44th President of our United States — has captured the hearts and dreams of many Americans.

His ability to speak with controlled passion and influence giant throngs of people all around the world, even groups of so-called “apathetic” youth, has been lauded.

His historic travel on the road to the White House has been celebrated by impassioned people around the globe, and the media has documented his every move —- from the great puppy debate to his family vacation in his birth state of Hawaii.

Tuesday in Washington, D.C., Barack Obama recited a 40-word oath that states his will to faithfully execute his duties as President and his commitment to defend the Constitution, with a little divinely-invocated help.

Today, after the parade, after the celebrations, after all the pomp and circumstance and after many very-high expectations have been set for our president, now we shall see his true character, now we shall see if he deserves to be thought of as a savior of our great, but struggling, nation.

As we move deeper into this new year that will be wrought with trials on every level, from local to global, we would encourage you to hold onto the hope that our newest president has brought with him, but do not let sweet words lull you into a sense of comfort we have not yet earned. Our nation still has enormous challenges to face and overcome.

Obama, as great as he has been made out to be, still has everything to prove. We ask that you remain vigilant as American citizens and help us to keep this new president and his administration in check to ensure they fulfill their promises.

Congratulations, Mr. President. Now let’s see you get to work, please.

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